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Herbal Bath Tea

Herbal Bath Tea

Sage Lotus Naturals
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Our Herbal Bath Tea is a nourishing blend of organic herbs formulated to support the postpartum. Also relaxing and safe for baby. 

Ingredients: Organic Calendula, Organic Chamomile, Organic Comfrey, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Lavender, Organic Nettle Leaf, Organic Oat Tops, Organic Plantain, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Yarrow. 

Small batches made to guarantee a fresh product with ingredients that will provide the best results. 

8 oz. glass jar

Sage Lotus Naturals is handmade with love and positive energy in the USA using only clean and organic products.
Vegan | Cruelty Free | Organic | Non-Toxic